Adisadel College - Adisco

Adisadel College faced defeat in the grand finale of the National Science and Maths Quiz at the hands of Prempeh College and St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School today. Adisco ended the competition with 31 points while their contemporaries had 51 and 53 points.

Just after the declaration of the results, Nananom (Chiefs) of the Oguaa Traditional called on their priests to enquire of the 77 gods of Oguaa why the secondary school which is situated in their traditional area was defeated in the competition that badly.

After some minutes of spewing incantations and chanting, the gods spoke. According to the gods, three ladies denigrated the Adisco uniform and attracted the wrath of the gods. They (the gods), therefore, withdrew all their favour on contestants. These ladies are to be found and made to serve in the shrines of the gods for ten years.

This postmortem was corroborated by Rt. Rev Victor Atta-Baffoe, the Anglican Bishop of the Cape Coast Diocese. “The Bible is against women wearing men’s clothing. In the book of Deuteronomy, it is an abomination before the Lord. And when we allow something like this, we do not attract the favour and blessings of God. We must learn from this experience and not let it happen again”, the clergyman said was he was invited to address the council.

In a press conference after these revelations, Osabarima Kwesi Atta II, the Omanhene of Oguaa declared that from this day forward ladies are banned from wearing the Adisco uniform and for that matter the uniforms of all the other boys’ schools in the Central Region.

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