Following the defeat of Wesley Girls High School (Gey-Hey) in the quarter-final of the National Science and Maths Quiz today, a news report filed by a journalist who works at with the Multimedia Group and published on had what is described by many as a distasteful headline.


Obviously, the writer of the story was attempting a pun but failed miserably at it. Many people are not taking the headline lightly and as expected, several old students of Gey-Hey are giving the writer and the myjoyonline news portal the tongue-lashing of their lives.

We are reliably informed that a section of the old girls of the school is threatening to take legal action against the anonymous writer of the article.

An informant at Joy FM has revealed that the writer of the article whose name the person chooses to conceal is a disgruntled ex-boyfriend of a Gey-Hey girl.

“They just went through a break-up and he is pretty hurt by it. It was a very bad break up which took a toll on him. When we heard about the loss of Gey-Hey, he volunteered to write the story. I remember the editor and all of us were surprised. The editor thought it was a bad idea but one person argued that writing the story might give him closure. So, we let him write it”, the informant told us.

As to how that headline went past the editor onto the website, our source refused to respond to that at the risk of exposing incompetence at the outfit. Our source, however, was willing to tell us that some of them thought the headline was funny until the public backlash started coming in.

“At that time, it was too late. The harm had been done already. Screenshots were flying all around on social media and there was nothing we could do to reverse the situation”.

The editor has planned to write a rejoinder to the article apologising to the Wesley Girls High School, its alumni and current students. This would be done when the issue does down a bit.

In the meantime, the Association of Disgruntled Boyfriends (AoDB) has issued a statement condemning the actions of their compatriot. “We like revenge but it must be visited right”, they warned their members and advised them to learn from the mistakes of their fallen brother.

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