Barely a week after the recent scandal involving the self-acclaimed queen of comedy and controversial media personality, Afia Schwarzenegger, her namesake Arnold Schwarzenegger has reached out to her.

The Hollywood legend and former governor told that he read about the story on twitter, His handlers and staff wondered which of his distant family member was in trouble.

Although the actor expressed shock and worry regarding how his family name has been brought to disrepute, he also expressed sympathy towards Afia and has even decided to pay off the loan Afia took from the then UT Bank to marry Abrokwa – her husband.

When asked how he intended to do pay off the debt, he responded that he already has Afia’s mobile money account number. Arnold is yet to meet Afia, Abrokwa or even the dark mysterious man involved in the sex scandal but has given hints that he may ask World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to organize a Hell-in-the-Cell match between the two men with Afia as the guest referee.

The loser will be made to drink a bottle of acid.

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