The Minority in Parliament has indicated that it will oppose the deal in which government of Ghana is seeking to access a whopping $15 billion facility from the Chinese government.

The Government of Ghana has finished talks with the Xi Jinping government to access a $15 billion facility for the swift implementation of many of its ambitious programmes. The deal was announced in Accra by Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia on Sunday after a four-day visit to the Asian country. Implementation of the free senior high school, one-district, one-factory, one-village, one-dam and Zongo Development Fund will start if the loan is approved.

Speaking on behalf of his colleagues, minority Spokesperson on Finance, Casiel Ato Forsn, told Bombo News that they do not know the source of the money the Chinese government would loan to Ghana. As such, it will do everything to ensure that the money does not get into Ghana’s coffers.

“Nobody knows where the money is coming from. These Chinese people, can we trust them? This plenty money they are giving us, where are they getting it from? Are the Chinese that self-sufficient to dole out such a huge amount of money?”, Mr. Forson spoke in an enraged tone.

“See, let me tell you. This money could be blood money. In fact, it is blood money. The Chinese have blood on their hands. All the evil they are perpetrating in this world… In fact, they send people to do galamsey on our land and they are killing our people. I reiterate that these people are bloody and everything coming from them is bloody. We can’t trust them”, he finished.

In a rebuttal, Deputy Finance Minister, Kweku Kwarteng has described the minority’s position on the facility as balderdash.

“If this is not witchcraft, then witchcraft does not exist anywhere. These NDC people are the reason there are only 20 peanuts in the Nkatie Borga pack. I just don’t believe them. This is total witchcraft on display here,” he criticized the NDC MPs.

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