The Nana-Addo-led government has in a colourful ceremony launched this year’s harmattan. This came after several high-powered meetings to ensure that what happened in 2016 did not repeat itself.

At the sod-cutting ceremony yesterday, the president stated that contrary to the expectations of the opposition, he had done what his predecessor could not do.

“A year ago, Ghanaians were crying and begging for their beloved harmattan. But the wicked and insensitive Mahama administration had no intention to listen to the voice of the people. Today, we are excited to welcome the cold, dry, non-humid weather. And we wish to tell Ghanaians that this government has the needs of its citizens at heart.”

The Minister for Sanitation for his part stated that the launch of the harmattan indicated that it was no longer compulsory to bath once or twice daily. This announcement was met with a rapturous applause from the male section of the audience.

Several human beings raised the concern that, trotro trips would now be unbearable. This was because, even when this announcement had not been made, it was not easy for the ordinary Ghanaian’s nose in trotros at all. expects everyone to respect themselves and apply deodorant at least, even if they won’t bath; some body odour can be fatal.

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