Ghana’s Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture on Thursday morning revealed that the newly constructed footbridge on the Madina-Adenta road will serve as a tourist attraction and bring in foreign exchange from foreigners who travel from far and near to see the beautiful edifice.

Speaking at an inter-ministerial press conference organized by the Ministry of Information in Accra to address concerns of residents who complained that the bridge was too long and climbing it would be arduous, Hon. Catherine Afeku disclosed that as a country, we must find the silver lining in every situation. 

She said, “This fit perfectly into the president’s Ghana beyond aid agenda. Ghanaians would not have to travel across the world to see wonderful bridges anymore. The Golden Gate Bridge in California, the Tower Bridge in London, the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia and the Ponte Vecchio in Italy all now have a Ghanaian contender. Just like the National Cathedral, this will be another historic monument President Akufo-Addo will leave as his legacy for Ghanaians”. 

The Trade Minister who was also at the briefing said, plans are far advanced to announce tourist charges for using the bridge and adverts are ready to roll on all international news platforms. Also, there will be a special event for the president to commission the bridge as one of his 1D1F projects for the La Nkwantanang – Madina Municipal Assembly. When journalists asked how the bridge was a factory, the minister responded by saying that, “the boys in the community will have jobs to do by charging fees to carry people across the bridge”

This news has been received with mixed reactions from the Ghanaian populace. The opposition NDC is scheduled to hold a press conference dubbed “Setting the Architectural Records Straight” later in the day.

Bombonews will be there to bring you the scoop on that. However, insiders tell us that, just like the Free SHS, the opposition does not plan to demolish the bridge and return the residents to risking their lives by crossing the highway, they will restructure it – whatever that means.

Keep watching this space for more.

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