Pressure group, OccupyGhana, is raising concerns about the number of statutory holidays that are observed in Ghana.  A delegation of the group, led by a leading member, Mr. Ace Anan Ankomah presented a petition to office of the ministry of interior asking government to reduce the number of holidays.

Speaking to the press after the presentation of the petition, Mr. Ankomah stated that for a developing country, we observe way too many public holidays. He counted the number of public holidays we have had in the year so far and the many more that are ahead.

“This is simply too much,” he said. “We must be serious as a country. How can we progress if averagely, once every month we are taking a day off in the name of holidays? This nonsense we must. Ghana deserves better. Somebody must take the bull by the horn and arrest this issue. We hope the minister of interior has the balls to do this. We have forwarded a copy of the petition to parliament and the office of the president. Someone’s got to listen to reason and take a bold step on this matter”.

In the petition the group presented, it says OccupyGhana is not claiming that important landmarks and persons should not be celebrated in the country. “By all means, we should observe important historical landmarks and people. However, we can do that without asking workers to stay away from work. That is a lot of productive work going waste”, the document read.

www.bombonews.com is greatly saddened by this petition and we will be sending a counter petition to all the powers that be, including the gods of Nogokpo and Antoa, to ensure that the wishes of OccupyGhana are not granted. In fact, what is an African country without so many days off?

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