Presec - Legon

Five-time champions of the National Science and Maths Quiz, Presbyterian Boys’ SHS, Legon (PRESEC) have been booted out of the 2017 edition of the competition by their city rivals, St. Thomas Aquinas SHS. And the PRESEC contestants are blaming it on something ridiculous: gɔbɛ!

The contest, which was between Kumasi High School, PRESEC and St. Thomas Aquinas SHS, was the last semifinal derby and was massively patronised. But halfway into the contest, sad looks of disappointment could be seen clearly on the faces of the PRESECans, some of who began to walk out of the auditorium in anger and frustration.

In an interesting twist after the contest, the two reps of PRESEC grabbed the microphone and addressed the audience:

“We are very sorry for disappointing you all. It is all the work of the devil who made us eat too much gɔbɛ this afternoon. In fact, the kɔkɔɔ was really nice and combining it with the rich beans stew and fine gari, we kept eating and eating and eating.

It was later that we realised the blood which was supposed to go to our heads for the contest, was rather going to our stomachs to digest the food. Forgive us for failing you, but that gɔbɛ deɛ, it was nice mmom. See you next year.”

Security personnel at the venue had to come in to protect the contestants after this speech because a lot of their supporters were angry and even wanted to beat them up.

The finals of the competition will be held at the National Theater on the 29th of July, 2017, and will involve Adisadel College, Prempeh College, and St. Thomas Aquinas SHS.

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