Ghanaian student and social media humourist and enthusiast, Kossi Akplah is likely to appear in court today, Monday, May 7, 2018 as a witness in a case of defamation.

Over the weekend, there were altercations on Facebook in comments made under a post made by Akplah about two controversial gender activism groups. Members of one of the groups and a defender of the other got into a verbal brawl which spiraled into a weekend of long and feisty keypad altercations.

In the course of one such fights, one person threatened to sue another for defamation. This threat put the fear of God in the young student who asked whether he would be a person of interest (witness) in the case since it all started under his post. Akplah has lived in fear ever since, seeking legal advice on how to conduct himself ahead of the likely showdown. Psychologists have diagnosed him of acute liticaphobia and recommended that he seeks help immediately.

His friends and allies are agog over his appearance in court and have made an average of five hundred posts about it. Speaking to Akplah to get comments on the issue, he directed us to his Facebook where he had answered Frequently Asked Questions on the matter. Read it here: Kossi FAQs

Fingers are crossed to see how things will pan out. Bombonews.com will keep you updated on all developments.

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